Private party

Music for a private party is essential and helps to make your evening unforgettable.

A complete package of light and sound can be provided, regardless of the number of guests and the size of the party.

There is no doubt that music is crucial for a private party, and therefore a conversation is always taken place beforehand about the expectations for the music, to get exactly the party you want.

Of course, there is a difference in desires for genre and songs, whether it is a 40th birthday or an 18th birthday. With his vast experience, DJ Nick Coldhands can spot and deliver the perfect music that gets people on the dance floor. If you want to combine DJ and live music, it is possible to book the very popular trio Danoix, which consists of DJ, saxophone, and percussion.

On this page, there is a Music player that contains many different genres and styles that you are very welcome to seek inspiration from.

The price of this type of event depends on different factors:

  • Number of participants at the event
  • Where will the event be held
  • How many hours music is required