Should the party stand in your guests’ memory as the most amazing party with the greatest music that got all the guests on the dance floor? Then DJ Nick Coldhands or the trio Danoix is ​​the right choice. Music for the wedding. Music for the birthday. Music for the company party. The possibilities are many.

All events will be treated individually and with great care. On this page, you can choose to see and hear more about the different types of events. Whether it is booking music for a wedding you are organizing and hosting, a birthday or a company party. If the type of event you are looking for, isn’t mentioned, please don’t hesitate to contact Nick Coldhands below, with a description of the content in an email. Then we will get back to you. Everything is possible.

Read more about the different types of parties and events by clicking on them.

Communication about the choice of music for a party or event is essential, and therefore it is customary to send an inspiration list before the party, so there is an opportunity to hit the right party mood and music wishes, specially designed for your image of what a good party should contain. Of course, it is possible to make wishes while Dj Nick Coldhands plays, to the extent that it contributes to a good dance party.

It is also possible to book Dj Nick Coldhands with both saxophone and percussion and give the party and the atmosphere an extra boost with live music. Here the trio Danoix can be booked. Read more about who Danoix is ​​below.