It ́s now possible to get a unique insight into a career spanning almost four decades, with music producer legend Nick Coldhands.
For the first time ever, the listener will have an opportunity to experience highly entertaining

anecdotes from his experiences in the music industry. Nick Coldhands, who has worked with the biggest hip-hop stars in the world, such as Eazy-E, Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube, Rakim & Pitbull.


Imagine the most outlandish gangsterstory, multiply it by 3, ad actual realism, and you’ve reached the intensity level Nick “Coldhands” delivers, when he talkes the stage.

“We booked Nick “Coldhands” for a presentation about his life with music and that is truly what we got.
We talked about the presentation several days after because it was so incredibly exciting.

Fantastic energy and the sickest stories and inside knowledge, you can only dream of.”

(10/10 highest recommendation)

Sofia Lyngskjold – 3.W / Greve Gymnasium)

“We had Nick Coldhands over for a lecture, and everyone in the room completely agreed that the stories he told were wildly entertaining and exciting.

We heard incredible stories about realizing one’s wildest dreams, both locally and internationally, as

well as an understanding of how the music industry is structured today, and what consequences and impact is has on todays society.

We also had a Q & A session, where everyone got very qualified answers to all our questions.

If you want both to hear wild and unbelievable stories, and at the same time get the facts, Nick Coldhands is the man to book.”

Maja Holm Danielsen – Uldum Højskole