Playing for a Reception is in many ways an art. The music must be present, without being overpowering, or otherwise overbearing. As a rule, a reception is about conversation and networking, and both music and light are adapted for this very purpose. This elegantly lifts the mood so that guests feel like networking and having fun together. The music is sufficiently subdued so that all participants are enlivened but not disturbed and can enjoy the good conversation.

Mht. equipment, it can be an advantage to have more than 2 speakers for this type of event, so the sound level is circulated around the room in the right way. 

Book either Dj Nick Coldhands or his trio Danoix; dj, saxophonist and percussionist.


The price of this type of event depends on different factors:

  • Number of participants at the event
  • Where will the event be held
  • How many hours music is required