Theme party

Theme parties are always a good way to have a really fun evening where everyone participates actively, with a good mood and appropriate and humorous attire. It’s a fun party where you can be anything you dream of. The music for a theme party is essential and I ensure the right atmosphere, so everything is in line with the party’s details in relation to the decoration, attire, and entertainment.

We will always have a conversation about special wishes related to that theme so I can prepare for the upcoming theme party.

The music for the theme party can be, for example:

Disco, 80s, 90s, 70s, James Bond, Hawaii, Hiphop, White party, Casino, Latin, Sports, the possibilities are many.

Let’s tailor a bouquet of the most festive songs that I can use as a clue to your theme, so the party is kept in just the right mood and everyone has a terrific party with an amazing atmosphere and a full dance floor.

I can be booked alone, Dj Nick Coldhands, or with my trio Danoix, which consists of dj, saxophonist, and percussionist.

The price of this type of event depends on different factors:

  • Number of participants at the event
  • Where will the event be held
  • How many hours music is required