A wedding is one of the greatest events in one’s life. Manu things must be under control and in order; the clothes, the location, the food, and of course also the music.

The mood during this big event and party is largely set by the music. During the reception, dinner, and dance party. The choice of music plays an extra big role on the big day and must of course have a high priority. Create the perfect mood and atmosphere with DJ Nick Coldhands, or expand with live music that combines a DJ, saxophone, and percussionist. For further information see the tab “Danoix” where you will find info about DJ / live music for the party.

For Dj Nick Coldhands, wedding parties are a special pleasure to play at, and he has played for well over 400 weddings throughout his career, which he describes as the ultimate party a DJ can contribute to.

Nick Coldhands always ensures an optimal result on the basis of a good conversation, where you find the right solution in terms of playing time, sound, and light, as well as the common thread in relation to the content around the music for the party.

The price of this type of event depends on different factors:

  • Number of participants at the event
  • Where will the event be held
  • How many hours music is required